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With all of the changes to how stats work over the last several expansions I’ve been spending some time going through the various forums and trolling through EQ2U to try and figure out just what stats are important for each class. I’ve got a list for most of my main classes and I’m working on the list for other classes now. I’m in the process of creating pages for each class and what stats are important for them which I intend to put in this Guide section.

To start it off I’ve also added a guide with some useful settings for the various game options that might make your lives easier.

While I’ve been digging for all of this info I’ve come across a couple of sites that are useful for everyone so I thought I’d put the links here as well as add them to the Links section.

First up a couple of places to go and look at your character as well as those of other players:

  • EQ2U @ EQ2 Wire: This should be your first stop and I highly recommend creating an account and adding your characters to the My Characters group. Then you can create a new group – I called it Role Models – and put in other players that seem to know what they’re talking about so you see how they’re tweaking their characters. Most of these will be raiders but you can still get some ideas. Also you can go to the AA tab of one of these players and actually download their AA build to a file then load that build on your character with the new AA window.
  • Dragon Armory: I just found this one and I wish I’d found it sooner. It’s another site that uses the census data from SoE to pull down character info so you can see not only your characters but others as well. The difference here is it will analyze your character/spells/gear and allow you to search for possible upgrades. It also shows you your stats, what gear is adding to those stats and if you’re over the soft/hard cap as well as a good description of what each stat does for you. Again, I’d strongly recommend creating an account so you can at least tag your characters.
  • If you’re trying to understand all of the gear changes there are a couple of useful threads over on the official forums that you should probably read through:

    Itemization Magna CartaThis is from one of the devs and explains the thinking behind the gear/stat changes.

    Combat Mechanics and Player Progression: This is old and some of the info is a bit outdated but it’s still a useful reference to have around.

    DPS and Multi-Attack Adjustments: A short post that explains how the DPS and Multi-Attack changes work and what impact they have.

    Some of the Current Systems Formulas: While it’s not an exhaustive list it does give you an idea of what some of the stats do and how increasing them will impact your character.

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