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First of all let me give credit where it’s due. The majority of this information comes from this post by Soteria over at the Grenricks Guidance guild forums. In fact, that goes into a lot more detail than I’m going to put here so just do yourself a favor and go read it.

Role Models:

  • Soteria of The Covenant on Butcherblock (EQ2U / Dragon’s Armory) – Since she wrote the book on the class she pretty much deserves to be first. As of this writing she’s still active so I really haven’t gone looking for other Inquisitor’s to follow.

AA Builds:
Since most of this info comes from Soteria I recommend hitting her profile on EQ2U and downloading her latest AA build from there. As of this writing she has 3 currently; 1 raid focused, 1 group focused and 1 healing focused. Unless you’re going to be playing the role of a pure healer in some of the higher ToV content I’d suggest the Group build as it seems to be a more balanced build.

Stat Goals / Reforging:
I haven’t found anything with explicit numbers posted but from looking at Soteria’s profile over on Dragon’s Armory I’ve come up with a few baselines.

Crit Chance: 600 – 650%
Potency: 500%
Reuse Speed: 85%
Cast Speed 85%
DPS: 600+
Haste: 400+
Multi-Attack: 250+
Crit Bonus: 500%+

From looking at how she reforged her gear and the adornments put into it you can see that the Inquisitor is all about the melee attack. You still need a decent cast/reuse speed but you’re much more about hitting things hard and fast. A large part of this is because you get a number of heals that are triggered off of your combat hits so you want to make sure that you’re hitting as often as possible and make sure you don’t delay an auto-attack unless you absolutely have to.

Like every other class Crit Chance needs to be at least 600 for the Advanced Solo dungeons and 650 for the Heroic/Raids.

You’ll probably want to start out by focusing on Crit Chance until you start getting gear that can keep you over the threshold. Once you can start swapping out I’d look for more melee oriented adorns like DPS, Multi-Attack and Haste. Potency is always good as is crit bonus since they apply to both your damage and healing.

Play Style:
Inquisitor’s are the original “Battle Cleric” so expect to get up in the middle of the scrum and get a few dent’s on your armor. You have AA’s that turn many of your damage spells into more potent melee attacks so you want to be swinging a big stick of some sort. As a healer you’ll tend to rely more on your reactives than casting your direct heals over and over though you still need to be ready to fire those off if the reactives aren’t keeping up.

  • In general you want to fire off the single target and group reactives before the pull and then keep them up throughout the fight.
  • Once the mob is inbound and in range fire off a Condemn (mitigation debuff) and possibly a Forced Obedience (melee debuff) and Deny (Str/Int debuff) on tougher mobs.
  • Once the mob is debuffed turn on auto-attack and hit it with your punishment spells: Vengeance, Repentance and Smite Heretic.
  • Now start firing off your single target attacks but make sure you don’t delay your auto-attack since it’s the trigger for a lot of your other abilites. You’ll also want to make sure you’re keeping your reactives refreshed.

      Solteria recommends the following cast order but remember this isn’t a hard and fast rule. For example, it might be best to hold back your interrupts for specific points in a fight.

    • Invocation Strike – Interrupt
    • Strike of Flames – DoT + Arcane Mit Debuff
    • Strike of Curruption – DoT
    • Writhing Strike – DoT + Arcane Mit Debuff
    • Skull Crack – Interrupt + 20 sec weapon and casting skills debuff
    • Hammer Divine Smite – Knockdown
    • Wrath/Uncontrollable Wrath
    • Interrogation – Big damage + ward proc if mob under 50% health

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