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The Conjuror is a pet based DPS class so you want to build focused on wringing every point of damage possible out of your spells and your pet. While they have 3 pet classes available (fighter, scout and mage) the reality of stat inflation and keeping pets viable in later content means that you really only use the mage pet. It provides the highest DPS and now has the hitpoints to survive long enough to get things dead.

While I found some of this info on various threads on both the official forums and EQ2 Flames the main sources are two threads posted by Aniathor over on Flames:

These were up to date as of the ToV expansion and Aniathor is still an active player so they should continue getting updates.

Role Models:
If you’re looking to download an AA build or just want to see what some of the more experienced players are doing I highly recommend hitting up EQ2U and Dragon’s Armory. Here are the Conjuror’s that I’m following.

  • Aniathor of Fatality on Crushbone (EQ2U / Dragon’s Armory) – Since he wrote both of the main guides that I used to compile this info he’s the main one I’m following.

AA Builds:
Since Aniathor has done a good job of explaining the benefits of all of the AA choices I’m just going to recommend that you go read through his thread on EQ2 Flames. You really can’t go wrong with that build no matter whether you’re a raider or soloer.

Stat Goals / Reforging:
Once again Aniathor’s thread on EQ2 Flames is up to date for ToV so I’d strongly recommend you look it over. That said, I’ll break down the basics here so it’ll be in one place for you.

Reforging Stat Goals:

  • Crit Chance: 600% – 650% (Every class needs to target 600% for solo dungeons and 650% for heroic/raids since the dungeons debuff this)
  • Casting Speed: 200%
  • Reuse: ~ 100% (as close to 100% as you can get but try not to go over as it’s wasted)
  • Recovery: ~ 100% (again hard capped at 100 so try not to go over)
  • Accuracy: 20% – 25%
  • Haste: 100% +
  • Multi-Attack: ~100%
  • DPS Mod: 500%
  • AE Auto Attack: 60%
  • Ability Mod: 30,000
  • Potency: 600%

I’ll again refer you to Aniathor’s thread on EQ2 Flames for a the base guide but I’ll include the info here as well.

White Adornments:
Note that these are for someone well geared so are kind of a final target. You may need to use some different adornments while you’re getting to this point to hit the target stats above.

  • Head: Int
  • Chest: DPS Mod
  • Shoulders: Int
  • Cuffs: Casting Speed
  • Hands: Casting Skill
  • Legs: Casting Speed
  • Feed: Casting Skill
  • Neck: Int
  • Waist: Int
  • Cloak: Casting Speed
  • Ears: Sta
  • Rings: Ability Mod/Crit Chance
  • Wrists: Casting Speed
  • Charms: Casting Speed
  • Primary/Secondary/Ranged: Potency

Purple Armor Slots:

  • Head: Potency + Crit Bonus
  • Shoulders: Doublecast Chance
  • Chest: Potency + Crit Bonus
  • Cuffs: Potency + Crit Bonus
  • Hands: Potency + Crit Bonus
  • Legs: Potency + Crit Bonus
  • Feet: Potency + Crit Bonus

Purple War Runes:

  • Primary: Screams of Battle
  • Secondary: Truespirit’s Legacy
  • Ranged: Bolstered Attributes
  • Cloak: Winds of Obol
  • Waist: Harrowed Madness

Other war runes to look at depending on what stats you need to boost are:

  • Overbearing Onslaught
  • Spirit of the Jester
  • Magnitude

Play Style:
I’m still working on this section so hopefully I’ll get it updated soon(tm).

Mainly you’re a DPS class and your damage comes from both your pet and your spells. So far what I’m finding is that for most solo or trash fights you can stick to send in the pet and start nuking. For tougher named fights you’ll want to cast Soulburn early and often then watch for Crystalline Destruction to fire before hitting Crystal Blast. Also hit Blazing Avatar every time it’s up and then Elemental Blast as quick as it refreshes.

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