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Credit for much of the info here goes to Maergoth and his Paladin’s Guide to Success thread over on the official forums

The Paladin is primarily a tank but they can also function as a backup healer and make an excellent combat rezzer. As a tank you’ll need to make sure to keep your Mitigation up but since you rely on your CA’s and spells a lot more than some of the other tanks Reuse Speed is important as well.

Role Models:
I’m still looking around for one or two more to add to this list.

  • Maergoth of Equilibrium on Antonia Bayle (EQ2U / DA) – He originated the guide over on the forums so he gets the first spot.

AA Builds:
Remember you can grab an AA build from one of the Role Models by going to their EQ2U profile and downloading it.

If you’ve read Maergoth’s thread then you know that his build is based around having 85-90% Reuse Speed so if you’re not there or your focused elsewhere you might have to spend more AA points on some of the abilities that improve reuse.

Crusader Tree: In this tree you’ll want to focus on the Agi Sta and Int trees.


  • Joust – Can help you get back to a target that’s tossed you away or move to a boss that you have to fight where he stands.
  • Trample – Gives you a nice bonus chance to AE Auto-Attack to help with killing off the adds that bosses love to call these days.
  • Higher Ground – Better Defense is always a good thing for a tank and a chance to not be interrupted can be a life saver.
  • Lance – More AE, though just things in front of you which should be just about everything.

  • Hammer Ground – More AE’s for those adds and a stun/knock back on top of it.
  • Fervor of Faith – Crit Chance is very important in ToV so any points you can get here means adornment slots you can free up for something else.
  • Sentry’s Bulwark – More health is always good so max it out.
  • Divine Aura – 10 seconds of no damage is 10 seconds longer to get the mob dead. Still, you need to be aware that heavy hits that do more than 50% of your health in damage will get through so don’t count on this absorbing that big blast from the boss mob. This should probably be one of the abilities you pop at the start of every fight and keep it up as long as you can.

  • Legionnaire’s Smite – A nice quick casting damage spell that can help get a mobs attention on you.
  • Legionnaire’s Wrath – More damage from your hostiles means more aggro and the mob dying faster.
  • Legionnaire’s Mercy – Not an amazing ability but some extra mitigation and more health per heal is helpful.
  • Legionnaire’s Conviction – Magic damage to you is reduced and the amount absorbed is sent back to the attacker. A win/win.
    Sentinel’s Fate:

  • Avenging Hatred – Improved Recovery speed means you’ll be casting faster.
  • Sentry’s Aura – What’s not to like about a longer lasting DA.
  • Crusader’s Faith – Getting healed for a portion of your groups damage is a good thing. If you can work out the timing so that you pop this just as the wizard unloads all of his heavy damage spells then so much the better.

Paladin Tree: This is one you might have to tinker with if you don’t have your reuse speed up where it needs to be. You can throw some points into the various reuse improvements for specific spells/arts while you’re working on gearing up and then switch them out as you reach the cap.

    Some things to highlight:

  • Raid Armament – Improving the mitigation for all of your nearby allies is a good thing.
  • Arch heal – Fairly fast casting and fast recast heal that also heals a nice chunk.
  • Smite Evil – Slow casting and long recast timer but still it’s an extra AoE.
  • Blocking Mastery – More blocked attacks means less damage taken means you live longer. You’ll need a shield but you can always swap that in for when you know there’s about to be a flurry of attacks.
  • Heretic’s Destruction – Improved Crit Bonus and Potency, your group will love you if you time it right.

Shadows Tree: This one is pretty straightforward, especially if you’ve got your reuse near the cap.


  • Pet of the Gods – Casting speed isn’t a big deal but improved bonuses from the deity pet are worth it here.
  • Hearty Constitution – It’s not a huge boost but every little bit of health helps.

  • Consumate Defender – Improved defensive skills.
  • Battle Hardening – Damage Reduction, another pretty obvious choice.
  • Sneering Assault – An additional taunt that deals damage nothing amazing.

  • Knight’s Stance – More damage when you go Sword & Board.
  • Phalanx – Improved blocking. It says it improves the effectiveness of the shield but under effect it doesn’t specify a shield so I’ll have to test and see if it requires you have a shield equipped.
  • Aura of the Crusader – This one needs to be on one of your twitch hotkeys. Any time you’re hit with some sort of detrimental that keeps you from doing something hit it. 9 times out of 10 you’ll be cured and back to slapping the mob around.

  • Allied Prayers – Bigger heals = good thing.
  • Blessed Warding – Regenerating ward = free heal. Stat boost on top of it is a bonus.
  • Knight’s Counter – Additional Riposte plus bonuses to strikethrough and Shield Bash are worth tossing a point in here.
  • Stonewall – Equip a shield and block that flurry of melee attacks from that nasty boss.
  • Faithful Cry – Fast casting instant damage + DoT + instant taunt + taunt over time + decent heal. What’s not to like about this.

Heroic Tree: This one depends on how you play and where you are stats wise so it will probably be one you tinker with as you gear up. Most of the choices are pretty self explanatory so I’m not going to go through each of them here though I do want to highlight a couple of choices.

  • Zealous Smite – Unresistable crushing damage + a group cure. Well worth the 2 points.
  • Enhance Crusader’s Faith – Longer duration + improved chances to hit and do more damage = more damage healed for you.
  • Soulclaim – If you can spare the 2 points from elsewhere in the tree then your group will appreciate the increased power and crit bonus for every trash add that dies while fighting the boss.

Dragon Tree: Pretty straightforward again, this is where you’ll put your extra points so come back to it later. Generally you’ll want to max out your defensive line (Elder Dragon Scales) and your utility line (Dragon Roar).

Prestige Tree: For tanking you want to be primarily on the left side and most of the options are pretty self explanatory.

  • Faithful Protection – It’s a toss up between this and Stalwart Aura but I tend to go with this one as a starter.
  • Holy Alacrity – Chance to finish the cooldown of DS when you heal along with a stoneskin after a LoH both are nice additions.
  • Divine Knight’s Armor – Additional damage reduction to DS is a good thing here.
  • Divine Wall – Add to your potency based on your crit bonus means you don’t have to focus on getting as much +potency gear so you can focus on other things.
  • Faith – This is a powerful reflect if you time it right. Especially when you combine it with the next choice.
  • Fiathful Retaliation – 3 triggers of 90% of the damage reflected by Faith for each group member can mean a massive burst of damage.
  • Divine Faith – Makes Faith an instant cast and makes it last 1/3 as long. So, even bigger burst of damage for Mr. Nasty.
  • Unyielding Faith – Increased duration of Stonewall = no brainer.
  • Zealous Power – No power cost to maintain Consecrate and instead it will add power with each pulse. Nice place to put a couple of points.
  • Zealous Defender – Increase the amount of health gained from stamina.

Stat Goals / Reforging:
As mentioned above Reuse Speed is important but hard to come by so take it where you can get it. You might also want to adorn for casting speed. It’s relatively easy to come by and while it’s capped at 100% it reforges really well. So here are the basic targets you want to focus on. Start at the top of the list and work down.

  • Crit Chance: 600-650%
  • Reuse Speed: 100%
  • Haste: 100-150
  • Multi Attack: 100-150
  • Casting Speed: 100+ soft cap is 100 and over adds to doublecast which might be useful later. You can also use it to reforge until you hit the other caps.
  • Mitigation: 15k – 17k
  • Crit Bonus/Potency: You’ll want both as high as you can get but you’ll rarely have to decide between them and shouldn’t need to boost them beyond the gear you get.
  • DPS: Soft cap is 600 so you’ll want as much as you can get once you’re hitting the above targets
  • Ability Modifier: 2k – 3k
  • AE Auto: 100%

You’ll usually have a choice between Potency or Mitigation on the armor drops from ToV. You’ll almost always want to go for Mitigation but you can keep your potency up by taking it on a couple of the big armor pieces.

There is no definitive list but you can pretty much figure things out from the stat goals above. Still, here are some general guidelines for you.

  • White Adornments: As mentioned above Casting Speed is useful to have and for reforging so Swift Casting is always good. White adorns are also a good spot to boost things like your Sta and weapon skills so Endurance and Weaponry can fill in nicely. Blocking is another nice choice to boost your block chance.
  • Purple Adornments: These are a good place to boost whichever of the above stats you find are trailing. Once you find yourself near the targets of the above stats you might want to look at thinks like Strikethrough since that allows you to bypass the targets avoidance.
  • War Runes: A lot of these will depend on what you can afford or get but some to shoot for are:
    • Spirit of the Jester: A 30% boost to Reuse Speed is big and will allow you to focus on other stats quicker. Especially useful if you don’t normally get Jester’s Cap from a friendly bard.
    • Screams of Battle: +5% to Multi Attack, +15 DPS and +20% AE Auto make this a pretty strong choice as well.
    • Astral Dominion: A 50% chance to resist fear/stun/mez/root/daze/stifle effects is nothing to laugh at.
    • Relentless Conviction: Flat preventing 5% of all physical damage while boosting the trigger chance for spells and procs is a pretty nice boost.
    • Utter Annihilation: +6% Crit Bonus, +6% Strikethrough and +50 to Multi Attack make it very worthwhile.
    • Bolstered Attributes: +10% to all your base stats (Str, Sta, Agi, Wis & Int) can be a nice boost.
    • Bolstered Endurance: +20% to health and power is another nice boost if you can afford it.
  • Green Adornments: These will mainly depend on what you’re able to get as drops or quest items.

Play Style:
There is no definitive play style/cast order. A lot will depend on how your spec’d and what your role is and, like all tanking, it can be very situational. Still, there are a few little tricks that you can use to make your life easier (once again most of these come from Maergoth’s Paladin’s Guide to Success post so check there for more details).

  • Macro all of your emergency or twitch click spells/abilities and make sure /cancel_spellcast is the first line. This will make sure that that LoH actually fires when you think it should instead of waiting for that slow casting AoE to finish before firing.
  • Make a mega macro for rezzing. Fill a macro with rez casts and add each group member to the target box. It will require a bit of maintenance but will mean that you only have to get close enough to the corpse and not spend valuable time trying to target it and switch back. If you leave the target blank of the first res cast then it will try and res whatever you have targetted – if it’s not a corpse it will just do nothing – so you can still do a targeted res as needed.
  • Spam AoE’s. Especially when adds are about to pop. Mobs tend to stick to a target and it’s much easier to front load your aggro than it is to try and peel that add off a squishy in the back.
  • Remember Aura of the Crusader, it’s your friend and 9 times out of 10 it will cure whatever it is that’s keeping you from doing what you need to do. If you find yourself unable to function due to a detrimental just click it, odds are you’ll be back in business.
  • Ward accumulation is a thing. If you’re tanking, an AoE is due and you’re not sure it will kill you, use Stonewall. Wards will build up on you while you’re blocking and your chance for Survival will increase, even if block chance doesn’t directly reduce AoE damage.
  • Take Consecrate as your Grandmaster, it’s your highest DPS yield.
  • If you’ve spec’d the left side of the Prestige tree and you use Devout Sacrament then IMMEDIATELY cast Holy Aid to try and refresh it.
  • Try to squeeze in your taunts to stack increments of HP
  • When you have to use a save, use whichever has the fastest recast first. Don’t use Divine Aura if Stonewall will suffice.
  • Try and use the parry food/drink from your friendly neighborhood Provisioner.
  • Macro Faithful Cry and add a line with /auto 2. If Faithful cry is down it will turn on your ranged attack and allow you to quickly shoot a mob that’s moving in. It also saves a slot on your hotbar.
  • If you’re using a 2 hander then make a macro for Stonewall to equip your shield then cast. You’ll need another line to re-equip the 2 hander and then you’ll need to press the button again once Stonewall is cast.
  • Use Devout Sacrament alongside Legionnaire’s Conviction. LC reflects all of the damage you reduce and not just the damage reduced by LC so using other damage reductions will greatly increase the damage being reflected.

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