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While the Fury is, first and foremost, a healer it’s one that also packs a decent punch. A well played Fury should be able to keep the group alive while also making a substantial contribution to the groups DPS.

While much of the information out there is outdated a lot of it is still valid and I was able to find some current information by parsing the profiles of some of the more experienced Furies. I’d like to especially call out Elhonnax on Guk and Canthx on Butcherblock.

Role Models:

  • Elhonnax of Sovin Nai on Guk (EQ2U / DA) – She wrote one of the original guides and is still very active on the boards.
  • Canthx of Revelations on Butcherblock (EQ2U / DA)

AA Builds:

It’s important to understand what your abilities do so I do recommend that you read through the following and also spend some time reading the tooltips for your both your spells and AA’s. However, I also recommend you hit up one of profiles from the Role Models above and download an AA build that seems to match your play style. This will allow you to get a decent AA build while you’re figuring out all of this stuff.

Druid Tree: – The Int line should be a staple of any AA build. You’ll also probably want to go down both the Wis and Agi lines for most builds. I’m not going to go through each ability choice but I do want to point out some of the more important ones.

  • Infusion (Int) – This is the whole reason the Int line is the backbone of your build. While you’re in melee range any healing or buffing you do also does damage to the mobs. This includes things like your Porcupine.
  • Stormcaller’s Renewal (SF) – Every nuke also heals the group. Since the Fury is all about casting nukes when they’re not healing this will help keep your group up while allowing you to burn down the mob.
  • Hierophant Grasp (Wis) – This should be one of those spells you use early and often. Especially if you’re in melee range of the main tank since it will keep adds from running off once they’re on the tank.
  • Hierophant Obfuscation (Wis) – It’s not a great chance but any chance to outright ignore damage is always useful.
  • Rebirth/Tunare’s Protection (Wis/SF) – The ability to rez yourself can come in handy in a group situation (may not be as useful in a raid) and adding on AoE immunity to that rez can make sure you stay up.
  • Wild Regeneration (Agi) – Improving your regen spell is always a good thing. In named encounters you may find yourself just keeping regen on the main tank all of the time.
  • Tortoise Shell (Wis) – This one is much more useful in a raid setting since it only blocks AoE’s that aren’t targeted at your group. Still, the bonus to HP regen can be useful as well. I need to do some testing to find out if this can block PBAoE’s since they aren’t actually targetted at your group.
  • Wild Protection (SF) – It’s not a lot of damage reduction but any damage reduction is damage you don’t have to heal.
  • Tunare’s Grace (SF) – Additional group cure with a bonus attack for everyone cured, what’s not to like.

Fury Tree: Some of the choices here will be dependent on your play style and gear but there are a few that are highly beneficial and may not seem obvious.

  • Enhance: Tempest – Tempest is one of those nukes you’ll be casting as fast as it’s available so boosting the damage and making it cast faster means more damage in a shorter time.
  • Enhance: Death Swarm – Another of those spells you’ll cast every fight so improving it ups your damage output.
  • Enhance: Fae Fire – You’ll want to keep Fae Fire up as much as possible and this allows you to do that.
  • Enhance: Thunderbolt – Yet another spell you’ll find yourself using as often as possible so having it ready faster and doing more damage is a big help.
  • Enhance: Porcupine – As was mentioned above Porcupine counts as a beneficial spell for Infusion and it’s one of those things you want to keep up anyway. Adding a regen to it will help lessen your healing load.
  • Enhance: Call of Storms – Call of Storms is one of your go to AoE spells so once again, improving it means higher damage.
  • Animal Form – This is obviously good to throw on that wizard that’s running out of power. While it’s not as obvious another use it to cast it on yourself and then fire off a Hierophant’s Grasp to rebuild your power in an AoE fight. HG can hit unlimited targets and every target it hits causes Animal Form to proc giving you back power and doing damage. Remember you can click it off if you need to toss off a quick heal.
  • Pact of Nature – Give this to an ally that knows how to heal and you’ve got one more backup healer in the group. Especially useful to give to someone like a Pally that can remove/prevent stifle/stun/daze effects on themselves and then heal/cure you so you can get back to work.
  • Energy Vortex – This is another one that may not seem obvious, especially if you’re more healing focused, but think of it as situational and you’ll see it’s actually a very powerful tool. There are a lot of fights where you can afford the hit to your healing at the end of the fight and a +10% bonus to damage from everyone in the group means the mob will be dead before it becomes an issue.
  • Natural Cleanse – Another group cure, always something handy these days.

Shadows Tree: This tree can be very subjective and it’s also dependent on your play style. One thing to note if you mostly solo (and that means purely solo without even a merc) then you may want to take the points that are spent on the group heals and put them into the single target heals since you’ll use those more often.

  • Wrath of Nature (Druid Line): This is a hard hitting, uninterruptable, DoT, AoE and should be your go to spell for AoE’s
  • Master of Storms (Fury Line): Another of those choices that may not be obvious is you’re focused on healing since it reduces your heal amount. Still when you’re burning through trash mobs or need to finish off that named it can be a big boost to DPS.
  • Nature’s Ferocity (Fury Line): The opposite of Master of Storms above but if you’re in a pure healer role you might want to take this to use in those big fights. You probably won’t use it in most of your builds though.

Heroic Tree: Some of the choices here may change depending on your gear. Early on you may want to spend some points in Lightning Reflexes to bump up your reuse speed but as you get to the cap with gear you’d probably be better off putting those points elsewhere.

  • Expertise – Potency is a big boost to your damage output so boosting it as high as possible is one of your primary goals.
  • Critical Genius – Crit Bonus is another big stat for you since you should have your crit chance should be at or close to 100%.
  • Enhance: Wrath of Nature – As I said above this is one of your goto AoE’s so improvements here will add substantially to your DPS.
  • Spirit of Druidism – A decent ward and a boost to Ability Mod and Casting Speed for the whole group. Well worth the points.
  • Protective Instinct – A ward based on how much damage you do in 10 seconds.
    Some Notes:

    • All direct damage nukes, the FIRST hit of all DoT’s, Auto Attacks and god spells count toward the damage total.
    • Ring of Fire, Ball Lightning and Procs (i.e. Fae Fire or Infusion) DO NOT count. Nor do flurry or any but the first hit of multi-attacks.
    • The ward is not effected by your stance only your max HP matters. If you can get a temporary boost to Max HP before firing this off that will boost it.
    • It CAN NOT crit heal and is NOT impacted by Potency.
    • Vortex DOES NOT nerf the healing so use it prior to charging the ward if possible.
    • A possible cast order might be something like: Vortex, Protective Instinct, Call of Storms, Thunderbolt, Wrath of Nature
  • Howling with the Pack – Immune to root/stun/stifle/fear/daze/mez/interrupt + 30% damage reduction to you + group heal for 25% of the damage you do for 20 seconds. Very nice ability.

Dragon Tree: Unless you’re looking to go for a full on healing spec you’ll probably spend most of your points in this tree going down the Wild Smiting (far right) line. A full healing spec might want to go down the Nature Dragon Scales (2nd from left) line with some points in the Draconic Regeneration (3rd from left) line. Some highlights of the tree:

  • Uncontrollable Wrath (Wild Smiting) – Ability to cast your Wrath spell while moving.
  • Unyielding Retribution (Wild Smiting) – +15% Crit Bonus and it refreshes with every nuke. Should be able to keep this up pretty much non-stop.

Prestige Tree: Unless you’re building for pure healing you’ll basically be going down the right side of this one. Most of these are pretty much self explanatory so I’m not going to go through them. One to note, though, is Fury of the Wild in the center section. It turns your Primal Fury buff into a group buff, very handy.

Stat Goals / Reforging:

The fury is all about casting spells, be they heals or nukes, so a lot of your stat goals are going to be focused around improving your casting ability. However, many of those abilities have either a hard cap beyond which you’re wasting points or a soft cap that reaches a point of diminishing returns beyond a certain point over the cap. As you get better and better gear you’ll find yourself pushing up against those limits so in order to maximize your ability you’ll want to reforge and your only choice may be to reforge into your melee abilities. This is fine as you should be in melee range and additional melee damage is still more DPS so every little bit is welcome.

So here are some baseline targets for you to aim at:

  • Crit Chance: 600 – 700% depending on the content you’re doing.
  • Casting Speed: 100% or above. Once you’re at 100% don’t worry to much about it but if it goes over you’ll at least get a Doublecast Bonus.
  • Reuse Speed: 100% and no more.
  • Recovery Speed: 75% or better.
  • Ability Modifier: 30k or better. More is always good.
  • Potency: 500% or more.
  • Crit Bonus: 500-600%
  • DPS: 500% or so. This is a good place to reforge any stats that are bumping into a hard cap.


Your adornment choices, especially for white adornments, are going to be dependent on your gear and where you are on your stat goals. That being said I’ll toss out a couple of ideas for both white and purple adorns.

White Adornments:

  • Swift Casting – These are good for getting your cast speed up to the target.
  • Endurance – More Stamina = more health so you survive longer but it’s also more HP to fuel Protective Instinct.
  • Wisdom – Boosting Wis will improve your power pool as well as allowing you to do more damage.
  • Damaging – You really should be in there swinging away when you’re not casting so a DPS boost is nice to have.
  • Magical Skill – A boost to all of your casting skills is something else that’s good to have.
  • Prismatic Resilience – A boost to all resists is another good place to fill in your slots.

Purple Adornments:

  • Rune: Power – Increase both Potency and Crit Bonus means more damage and bigger heals
  • Rune: Doublecast – A better shot of casting a spell twice can mean even higher DPS so the mob dies faster. Might be something if you can’t afford Power runes for all the slots.

War Runes:

  • Winds of Obol – Boosting the groups ability damage means that everyone is hitting harder so mobs are dying faster.
  • Bolstered Attributes – 10% across the board boost to your attributes.
  • Adamant Resolve – Immune to stifle, enough said.
  • Truespirit’s Legacy – +12% to potency for the whole group.
  • Storm Animus – +6.5% to max HP and power along with a boost to all of the primary stats for the whole group.

Play Style:

The Fury is a true hybrid class that does respectable damage while still being able to keep a group alive. They way you pull that off is to never stop casting. There are a multitude of ways you can handle keeping all of those plates spinning so you’ll want to find one that works for you. In the posts linked above you’ll find a lot of useful information that, while outdated, is still a good starting point for figuring out your own system.

Another useful post is Elhonna’s response in this thread over on the official forums. This is specifically aimed at AoE encounters but the same general rules apply to single target encounters.

Keep in mind that we’re talking here about named encounters in the dungeons and not random trash either in open world or the dungeons. Those tend to die to quick to worry about things like cast order or optimizing heals and damage.

This is my current setup with Acsis. One thing to note is I tend to use a lot of macro’s. I realize that’s not the most efficient way to do things but it works better for me since I have trouble clicking during fights. I was trained by EQ1 to mainly use the keyboard and that’s what I still tend to do. It doesn’t help that I tend to loose track of my mouse cursor in the middle of a fight either.

Acsis’ Hotkey Bank 1
  1. Pulling
    • Fae Fire
    • Porcupine*
  2. EV/HwtP
    • Energy Vortex*
    • Howling with the Pack
  3. WoN/SF
    • Stormbearer’s Fury*
    • Wrath of Nature
  4. CoS/RW
    • Call of Storms
    • Raging Whirlwind*
  5. EAoE
    • Maddening Swarm
    • Starnova*
  6. AK/Hiber
    • Autumns Kiss*
    • Hibernation
  7. Tortise Shell
  8. Melee
    • Hierophants Grasp
    • Thunder Spike
    • Nature Blade*
  9. PBAoE
    • Ball Lightning*
    • Ring of Fire
  10. Untamed Regeneration
  11. Cures
    • Natural Cleanse
    • Abolishment*
    • Tunare’s Grace
  12. Nukes
    • Tempest*
    • Masters Smite
    • Thunderbolt


  1. As long as I can afford the hit to healing the boost to damage from Energy Vortex is significant. I actually tend to hit my AK/Hiber hotkey before I fire off the EV/HwtP that way those are already running. I’ll keep EV up if healing isn’t an issue but if I know that there’s a chance for burst damage coming I’ll hold off.
  2. I also tend to keep Autumn’s Kiss and Hibernation up so I hit that one whenever it’s ready.
  3. Raging Whirlwind is a fast casting decent damage AoE so I usually hit it when it’s up. I also tend to hit that button twice since RW has a chance to clear the reuse on CoS and that’s a big AoE for me.
  4. I don’t have any single target heals hotkeyed since I use the DarqUI and it has click to cast for those on the group window. I’m not great at clicking various spells but with my screen layout I can quickly click a heal on a group member.

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