Leveling Quickly

It may be faster to grind out levels in one of the Dungeon Maker XP grind dungeons though with the recent changes to Totem of the Succulent that’s not a given anymore. Also, the new level agnostic dungeons may prove to be a more entertaining way to level if they manage to be active enough.

Still, I wanted to have this available for future reference. Most of this comes from a post Stargrace’s blog at MMOQuests.Com:

  • 1-10 Freeport gates, just kill mobs outside.
  • 10-22 Wailing Caverns
  • 22-35 Fallen Gate
  • 35-43 Runnyeye
  • 43-50 Cazic Thul
  • 50-60 Clefts of Rujark, Pillars of Flame
  • 60-70 Sanctum of the Scaleborn, Nest and Vaults instances
  • 70-80 Palace of the Awakened, Sebilis, Chardok
  • 80-90 Sebilis (bottom floors), Chardok, Erudian Library (main two floors)
  • 90-95 Skyshrine contested areas with a group or with a 95 that’s grinding out AA’s from 340-350.

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